The Malaysian Association of Brand & Image Consultants (MABIC) was formed in 2010 to support the Government’s initiative in encouraging businesses to further enhance the value of their companies by looking into intangible assets such as branding and intellectual property. As these involve certain expertise of consultants and trainers, MABIC serves as a resource centre to promote awareness and the importance of intangible assets, and at the same time set standards for best practices in consultings and trainings.

In 2012, MATRADE Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation endorsed MABIC as an association representing local consultants and trainers. MABIC will now be a collection of consultants and trainers from all expertise (hard or soft skills) and all fields (government agencies, banks, accounting firms, hotels,etc. ) under one roof. General public who share similar interest in the areas of consultings and trainings are also welcome to join the MABIC family.

MABIC will also be the first to provide a platform and opportunity to all consultants and trainers to brand and market their expertise or businesses globally.



To enhance, enrich and empower consultants and trainers to bring their expertise and businesses internationally

To continuously pave the road for Malaysia’s training and consulting businesses to grow globally


  • To unite consultants and trainers as a force to be reckoned with globally.
  • To serve as a platform for business networking opportunities both domestically and globally.
  • To recognize excellence and set the standard for best practices in consultancy and training.
  • To promote awareness and the importance of intangible assets such as Intellectual Property and Brand.
President’s Message

I remember not too long ago when i first ventured into this business of Brand and Image Consulting; there was hardly anyone I could talk to or seek advice from. I raised a few eyebrows from friends who thought i was going out of my mind leaving a very comfortable life in the corporate world and plunging myself into oblivion!

And with our success, there has been a gradual growth in individuals venturing into this field with much pomp and pizzazz! And so we thought it is high time we have a platform for likeminded and aspiring individuals like you to network and gain knowledge in all aspects of Brand and Image.

We firmly believe that MABIC can and will be one such platform to transform your careers and goals in your life! So join us! I firmly believe that MABIC can and will be one such platform to transform your careers and goals in your life!

Warm Regards, Wendy Lee

Committee Members

Wendy Lee

Jason Yew

Ton Nur Shafiza

Alan Hoo



Tracy Chong

Tiffany Fong

  • The orange circle symbolizes vibrancy and all round teamwork of all individuals in the organization.
  • The orange curve represents the unique style and brand of all individual.
  • The grey stoke represents moving forward.
  • MABIC stands for Malaysia Association of Brand & Image Consultant.
  • Black color symbolizes professional, elegant, power, authority, and formality.
  • Orange color symbolizes energy, creativity, vibrant, success, warmth, strength, endurance.
  • Our tagline “Moving Beyond Boundaries” means we are moving beyond not only geographically but also our mindset.