Date: 15th September 2012
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UP YOUR VALUE! - Book Launch

Kuala Lumpur, 27th May 2012 -
"With Style, there must be Substance. You can make heads turn with a well-groomed appearance, but without the right attitude and action, you will not be able to achieve specific goals you have set out for," claim Wendy Lee and Wendy Liew, on the launch of their new book - UP YOUR VALUE!

Successful entrepreneurs and leading image consultants in Asia, Wendy Lee and Wendy Liew of Chapter One BrandImage Institute, combined forces to come out with the first ever image book - UP YOUR VALUE! that provides readers a deeper understanding of the language of clothes and behaviour and guide them to achieve specific outcomes.

According to Lee, "If you want to look approachable, then you need to pick outfits that are of certain colours and materials. You will also need to ensure that the messages you send via your actions are in congruent with your actions." It is crucial to understand both the language of our body and of our clothes in order before one can achieve one's desired image.

UP YOUR VALUE! is aimed to fill the gap for anyone aiming to achieve their desired impression through proven techniques. The book transcends all shapes, sizes, and style senses and is applicable to everyone, regardless of age, gender and profession. Throughout this book, each chapter will elaborate on how to UP YOUR VALUE through one's behaviour and looks. The 7 chapters will look into UP YOUR VALUE in Approachability, Professionalism, Attractiveness, Being Dramatic, Authoritativeness, Elegance and Happiness.

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