Tips - Develop a Successful Personal Brand
Develop your personal brand, and you'll find that more doors are open to you. Whether you're searching for a job, trying to develop your career, or building a business, it's vital that you have a strong personal brand to represent yourself. Read on to learn about some of the strategies and ideas for building a personal brand that works for you.

  1. Stand out: Market yourself as something different from the rest.
  2. Be visible: To be successful, your personal brand must be seen over and over again, so take part in networking, writing, speaking, and other activities that will improve your visibility.
  3. Share your public personal values: Create a well developed sense of your public personal values, and make them available so that others can relate to them.
  4. Get an online presence: Establish yourself on the Internet to become more accessible and easy to find.
  5. Develop your benefits: Make sure that your personal brand highlights the benefits of your "product."
  6. Comment on blogs: Be sure to comment on blogs that discuss you and topics important to you.
  7. Find your expertise: Develop your passion, become an expert, and establish yourself as the go-to person for that topic.
  8. Be yourself: Don't try to be something you're not-make your personal brand truly you.
  9. Fine tune your brand: If you're lost among the crowd, make your brand more specific by fine tuning.
  10. Write an About page: Create an about page to help people quickly and easily find out more about your personal brand.
  11. Develop easily distributed media: Share your expertise and ideas through videos, podcasts, ebooks, and other packaged media that can build your personal brand on their own and help you be more authorative.
  12. Develop your charm: Find your mojo, and create a je ne sais quoi that will draw people in to your brand.
  13. Be consistent: Once you've established your style, stick with it.
  14. Don't be afraid to evolve: Although consistency is important, be careful that your brand does not get stuck in a rut, allowing yourself to grow.
  15. Have strong self esteem: Be confident in your brand, and others will be as well.
  16. Create a logo: Use a small image consistently to be more recognizable.
  17. Write: Write articles, books, and more to show others that you are knowledgeable about your subject of expertise, and improve your image.
  18. Consider what others are doing right: Look to those you respect for their strong personal brands, and find out what they are doing to develop theirs.
  19. Ask questions: Turn to your community to learn more and interact with them.
  20. Be reachable: Create a destination that helps people learn what you're about, whether it's a blog, Twitter account, or social media profile.
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